“My three year old son just finished his first year at Northside Christian Preschool and even though we are having a fun summertime he still asks to go to school!  The growth he made this year was amazing.  He really struggled separating from me but with his caring and supportive teachers he gained a lot of confidence and finished the year strong.He is my second son to attend Northside Christian Preschool.  We returned to the school because the teachers are very dedicated to the students and meeting their needs as 3 and 4 year olds and helping them grow.  They truly care for the children and want them to learn socially, academically, and spiritually in a safe, loving environment.

We are also very happy with the Christian education.  It is not a separate part of the children’s day or curriculum, but God’s message and love are part of everything they do at school.  We pray regularly as a family at home, but this year I’ve seen my son’s understanding and prayer grow from his time at Northside.

Finally, both of my boys have severe, life-threatening food allergies.  The teachers and administration are and were extremely supportive of my sons’ needs.  We don’t leave our boys with many people but the staff at Northside took my children’s needs very seriously and made sure my children were safe for every activity, party, and daily class.  We are forever grateful.

Northside Christian Preschool is a wonderful place for young children! And we definitely recommend it!”

Jen and Nick Toth



“When looking for a pre-school for my oldest child, I spent almost a year checking out all of the options.  We live in the small town of Dos Palos, which only has one choice for pre-school.  We knew we wanted more than just learning the basics when we sent him to pre-school, we wanted him to have a good moral foundation based on Biblical values.  We searched and visited all over the central valley and when we came to see Northside, it just felt right!  There was so much love for the children there emanating from the teachers and staff as they showed us around the campus.  My husband and I left and when we got in the car looked at each other and said, “this is it”.

When we brought our son to visit what would be his classroom, he was so at ease.  Miss Kathy and Mrs. Ruth made him feel right at home.  I was a little worried about him being shy in the classroom setting but he jumped into the story discussion on his first visit.  We enrolled him that day!  When I dropped him off for his first day of school, I had the normal “mommy jitters”.  After all, my first baby was going to be away from me for the first time… ever!!  We walked into the classroom, he gave me a kiss and headed over to the group on the rug.  As I left they were singing a song about how grateful they were for my son being there and how special God had made each of the children.  The tears of sadness I expected to cry were actually tears of joy, my heart was at ease knowing that my son was exactly where God wanted him to be.

This year has been a blessing, seeing him grow in his love for the Lord and in his educational skills.  His manners are immaculate and his maturity level amazes me.  He has continued to develop the kind heart that we so love about him and has learned so much about Jesus, loving others and his basic educational skills.  The staff is amazing and they all know us on a first name basis (their memories are incredible!).  He is excited for school and can’t wait for another year even though summer break hasn’t even started!!  Thank you so much for teaching and loving on my son!  The drive from Dos Palos was worth every minute and penny!  I couldn’t have asked for a better way to begin his education!!!”

Clayton & Shantelle Margason



“Northside Preschool is second to none!  All four of our children have attended this school in the past and we 100% satisfied.  The preschool is a blue ribbon school that provides above and beyond for each student.  I would highly recommend this preschool to any family that is seeking a private and Christian learning environment for their child.”

Abel C.



“As a long time homeschooling family it was a big decision to send our almost four year old to preschool. After his first week of school we knew it was the best decision for him. He has thrived and grown exponentially. Knowing that we are leaving him with teachers that love Jesus and are teaching our son to love Jesus, too, makes it easy to drop him off three mornings a week. I recommend Northside Christian Preschool without hesitation.”

Michelle White



“Dear Dawn

It has been a pleasure interacting with you, my twins Aryan, and Aanya love the staff, and are eagerly looking forward to join the next level.  You guys are doing a superb job.  Please keep it up.Thanks a bunch.”

Seema and Rajeev Dwivedi.




“Our son attended Northside Christian Preschool for 3 years before Kindergarten. We had such a great experience, and it was amazing to watch him grow. We felt like the teachers truly cared about him and our family, especially this year in the Transitional Kindergarten class. Our son’s grandma died during the year, and the teacher was so helpful in talking about this with him and helping him get back to his normal routine. Our son has grown leaps and bounds in how he deals with conflict, social interaction with other kids and adult figures, and in his knowledge of God and the Bible. He also loves learning and is very prepared for kindergarten. My favorite thing that Northside does is the St. Jude’s trike-a-thon. This has really made an impact on my son, and he prays for the boy his class sponsored every night and all the kids that are sick. This preschool program is so much more than a childcare program. The staff really does care about the kids and wants them to grow in their relationship with God, learn how to interact with the world around them and prepare them for kindergarten. As we close this chapter with our son, we are so excited for our daughter to start at Northside in the fall!”

– Micah and Erica Foster



“Our experience at Northside Preschool has been a real blessing. My daughter had separation issues at first but Mrs. Tracye, Mrs. Lisa and the office staff were all so helpful and comforting, not only to my child but to me, as well. I’d see them take her hand and hug her so genuinely that it made both of us feel better. As the year progressed, I saw an independence and excitement in my daughter that only comes from feeling comfortable and loved. Her teachers made each day fun while teaching academic, life, and spiritual skills. It has been an excellent extension of what we already do at home. It’s so great to know there is a place that shares our values and love for Jesus while preparing little ones to begin their school careers on a positive note. Thank you for a great year at Northside Preschool!”

Catrina Jones



“My wife and I are grateful for the two years our son has spent at Northside Preschool.  There is no better school in all of Fresno for young children.  Each child is loved by the staff and cared for.  Jesus is the center of all the school does!  Our son not only grew in knowledge and understanding, but also gained friendships, and so did we.  We are grateful for the ministry and education of Northside Preschool.”




“Prior to enrolling my son in Northside preschool I thought a Christian education would be an added benefit, but not a priority in my selection of a preschool for my kids. Well this past year sure has changed my priorities. I have been so impressed with Northside’s bible based curriculum and all of things my son has learned this past year. Next year he will be entering public school kindergarten. I am so thankful for the biblical foundation he now has and look forward to how I can build upon it as he learns at home and church. My younger son will no doubt be attending Northside in preparation for kindergarten because I know he too will get the extra biblical boost he needs before public school. And lastly, not only did my son get a good Christian foundation; he is finishing out preschool will an excellent academic foundation thanks to Northside!”


Kristyn Giesel



“We are so blessed to have had our child attend Northside! Being a first time mom, leaving your child can be nerve racking, but the entire staff at Northside has the kids safety and wellbeing a priority. All staff members are extremely helpful and welcome any questions you may have.  Teachers Kathy and Ruth are absolute amazing. Our daughter has grown so much in her academics, being exposed to new learning techniques, and her involvement working with other classmates. I would recommend Northside to everyone for a positive, exciting & welcoming experience. We couldn’t imagine going anywhere else!!”

Lexi Davisson



“All three of my children attended Northside Preschool and each one had a great experience. My oldest was not happy at where she was due to a group of mean girls. At the time Northside was full so we placed her on the waiting list. As soon as a spot opened up we moved her over to Northside. Even though she was there for only a few months before summer Northside provided the TLC that she needed at that time. That meant the world to us as parents.

Each one of my children learned the skills needed to be successful in Kindergarten. They also learned so much about God and would come home repeating his word and sharing the messages that they learned to other kids in the neighborhood. Each teacher they had made them feel special and made preschool fun.

My third child will be graduating this June from Northside and I will be sad that this era has come to an end. Thank you for the best education both academically, socially and spiritually.”

The Swillis Family



“I would wholeheartedly recommend Northside preschool. My twin daughters have attended for the last two years and I wish I could keep them at Northside forever!

I love the teachers! They are nurturing, accommodating, and they have gotten to know my children and have treated them as individuals. When my children first started at Northside at age 3 they were behind developmentally in several areas. The teachers have been diligent in tracking their progress and working on their individual needs. I feel like the teachers have pushed my children to grow academically but have also allowed them to grow at their own pace. Now after two years at Northside they are both ready for kindergarten!

I have loved the curriculum that Northside provides. It has been the perfect combination of religious foundation, academic readiness, art, sensory activities, and play. The school provides many opportunities for children to have a variety of experiences and they always make it fun.

I have felt safe leaving my children at Northside from the first day and I am confident that they are treated with love everyday. My children love coming to Northside and are excited to get up in the morning and get ready for school. I feel so blessed and lucky to have had such a great first school experience for my children!”

Julie Barrett



“There are many valuable characteristics of Northside. By far the most impressive has been the love, attention, dedication, gentleness, and compassion my daughter’s teachers portray. I can only speak highly of her preschool teachers. They have helped her grow incredibly educationally and spiritually. Our soft spoken, shy child demonstrates confidence and determination now. Her teachers practice utmost cleanliness in the classroom which is impressive. I still cannot believe she was not ill a single day in a classroom of 15 children. I drop my daughter off at school knowing she will be well taken care off. Thank you Northside for such an incredible year!”

Lisa Kennedy



“Feeling incredibly inadequate at preparing my children for Kindergarten, the teachers at Northside Christian Preschool provided classroom structure, academic guidance – and much grace – while appreciating how uniquely God made my little boy and girl. It has been a very fruitful partnership.”

Mommy of twins, Karen Price



“I cannot say enough good things about Northside Christian Preschool. We switched our 3 year old to Northside after having a not great experience at another Christian preschool in the area and we have never regretted it for a second! Hannah was welcomed with open arms into a loving, nurturing, educational environment where she has blossomed. Not only are her two teachers great, but I love that the office staff and other teachers make an effort to know her and us and always greet us by name. We have also noticed a huge difference in how much she is learning and retaining – she often shares things at the dinner table that she has learned at school and that never happened when she was at her previous school. She loves everything about school and asks every single morning, “Do I get to go to Ms. Callie’s (Kellie’s) today?!?” On top of how much she loves it, we feel so included and involved at Northside with all the special programs they do that parents are invited to and encouraged to attend. The communication from the school and teachers is amazing. The monthly billing system is convenient and easy to use. Hannah will attend next year and our younger daughter will go there as well when she turns 3. I make sure to tell anyone who asks, that I would recommend Northside over anywhere else!”

Alison Neuner



“My daughter has attended Northside since February 2014 when we walked into the office to get information for the following school year, and left enrolled in Preschool and part of something fantastic. This was my oldest child and I was scared to be away from her at all, but each and every staff member that I met during the “walk-in” treated us like we were a friend, or even a daughter or granddaughter.  This genuine love and kindness blew me away and the child that I thought would not let me drop her off and leave her in the hands of someone else, felt peace and excitement the following Tuesday when I left her with Mrs. Kim for the first time.  We returned to Mrs. Kim’s Pre-K class for the 2014-2015 school year instead of going into Transitional Kindergarten because I felt it was more than worth it.  If Kindergarten was available at Northside, I would keep her there despite the long drive from our house and the sacrifices we would have to make financially.  The security system and procedures were outstanding and the entire grounds: the classrooms, play areas, the office, and beyond were fun, vibrant, meaningful, and extremely clean.  I adored Mrs. Kim and the way she gently and lovingly cared for, taught, and helped shape my daughter.  She, unknowingly, became part of my husband and I’s team.  There were so many conversations we would have from God and the Bible to plants and even trying new foods that my daughter shared things that she had learned in school.  We knew we wanted to give her extra exposure to Jesus outside of what she was learning from us at home but even that expectation blew me away.  One night before bed we were talking about the meaning of Easter and Jesus and my daughter said “Mrs. Kim told me that if I want Jesus in my heart all I have to do is ask”.  So many tears fell from my eyes that night and it still brings me to tears.  That night we prayed and she asked Jesus into her heart.  After we finished praying she said, as she lay in bed with her arms straight in the air, “I’m so happy! Can I blow Jesus a kiss?” And she did.  That experience was beautiful and I owe so much of my heart to Northside, the staff, the bible stories, the prayers, the time in Chapel, the teachers leading my daughter to Christ, everything. I will forever be grateful.  Thank you Northside for being so much more than Preschool to us.”

Sydney Gunlund



“We have had the best experience at Northside preschool. My son goes 3 days a week and looks forward to those days. The campus is great, plenty of room and fun equipment for the kids to play on and play with.  I feel like my son is always safe when he’s there.  They are good about keeping the gates locked during school hours and there and are always plenty of teachers on duty to supervise the children. My son had learned so much! He loves his teachers and the creative things they plan for him. The teachers are kind and loving and really are there for a reason. My son knows the Pledge of Allegiance, and can quote memory verses, and sings bible songs he’s learned, which is so important to us.  We highly recommend Northside Preschool!”




“My family moved to Fresno last year & we were worried about not finding a school in time for our 3 year old. We were so happy to find Northside Christian Preschool! Not only does the school fit our child’s academic needs but we’ve enjoyed watching his knowledge & love of Christ grow over the school year. The staff is so friendly and you can feel the community/family atmosphere they’ve created for themselves & the children. Not only will our son be returning next year but his little sister will be as well. We couldn’t have found a better fit for our family!”

Ashley Tsutsui




“NCC Preschool has a very clean and safe environment for children to explore and learn. The exits and entrances are clearly marked and gates are securely locked during school hours for the safety of the children.  Teachers are constantly monitoring children’s behavior and communicating any concerns and/or incidents from the day.

The teachers and staff here genuinely care for each child that they teach.  They strive to nurture children in these critical years of development and encourage them to grow not only in the areas of curriculum, but to also grow in their knowledge of the Bible.

NCC preschool provides a solid foundation for students to continue in their academic success in any of the neighboring school districts.  They have high standards for the children and ignite a love of learning in each student.  Each day kids are excited to attend preschool and learn new concepts.  They make great friendships  with the other children in their class and the other classes on campus.

Our first child attended NCC and thrived in this environment, so we knew with our second child that NCC  was the preschool for him.  We came back to NCC because of the welcoming learning environment, convenient location to our home, and the outstanding staff.  Our family loves NCC preschool!”

Megan and Jimmy Corrao



“My children have been going to Northside Preschool for the past 3 years! We have loved sending our children to a faith based school where the staff and teachers are absolutely wonderful! We love the face that that they are more than ready for kindergarten, but we also appreciate the fact that the Bible is woven into each and every lesson!

Northside had raised the bar for the level of education, love and care that we will now look for as our children continue their education!”

Jennifer Montes




“Our three granddaughters have attended Northside Christian Preschool.  The spiritual grounding that each received was impressive.  Additionally, the academic preparation for Kindergarten was excellent. The loving, dedicated teachers made their first school experience very positive.  We tell everyone about this wonderful school!”

Dan and Ann Floyd



“Our experience at Northside Preschool has been a real blessing. My daughter had separation issues at first but Mrs. Tracye, Mrs. Lisa and the office staff were all so helpful and comforting, not only to my child but to me, as well. I’d see them take her hand and hug her so genuinely that it made both of us feel better. As the year progressed, I saw an independence and excitement in my daughter that only comes from feeling comfortable and loved. Her teachers made each day fun while teaching academic, life, and spiritual skills. It has been an excellent extension of what we already do at home. It’s so great to know there is a place that shares our values and love for Jesus while preparing little ones to begin their school careers on a positive note. Thank you for a great year at Northside Preschool!”

Catrina Jones


“This is our third year at Northside Christian Preschool. We look forward to two more years at this wonderful school as our second child enters the three year old program. We have been truly amazed by not only the academic growth, but by the spiritual growth our child has demonstrated. Through the love and support of the teachers and staff at Northside, we feel our daughter has a solid Christian foundation going into kindergarten.”

Megan and Henry Liang



“Our friend recommended Northside Preschool and we are so glad that we made the right decision to enroll our daughter here. The school and the classrooms are clean, tidy, properly ventilated and well maintained as well as their playground and play areas. Their programs are geared toward growth and development of children not only physically, mentally, and socially but the most important, the spiritual aspect, which is based on Christian faith.

The school has a good teacher-child ratio. The staff and teachers are nice, warm, caring and enthusiastic. They make learning opportunities fun and exciting to children. That’s why our daughter likes her teachers so much and always looking forward to going to school. We definitely recommend this school to our friends and to other parents.”

Grace/Ramil Remulla



“In August 2012 our family moved back to Fresno and needed to find a preschool for our oldest daughter to attend. Our move was quite sudden as my husband got a new job at the beginning of the month and we were in Fresno just two weeks later. Being that I was already August and many schools were already in session, there was quite a bit of uncertainty as to whether or not we would even find a preschool still accepting students for the fall semester. After a great deal of research, I came across Northside Christian Preschool. I visited the church numerous times as a teenager and was thrilled to see that they offered a pre-k program and were still accepting students. By the end of August our then 4 year old was an official student of  Northside Christian preschool. We had a great year! The staff was so kind and helpful and her teacher and assistant teacher were absolutely amazing. At the end of the school year, my daughter was doing exceedingly well and wanted to grow up to becomes, “a teacher just like Mrs. Kim”. It really was a wonderful experience. However our story does not end there. When my daughter started kindergarten, she was placed in  group of accelerated learners. As she became closer friends with the kids in her group. We discovered that one of the other girls was also a graduate of Northside and also had Mrs. Kim as her teacher. Now our 2nd daughter is finishing up her preschool year with Mrs. Kim. I am proud to say that she is also meeting and exceeding all developmental marks. Mrs. Dawn was a new addition to the Northside team when we arrived for our second year. She is the program director and is absolutely dynamic. She has made quite a few changes that have produced an even better preschool experience for both the students and their families. We went to Northside with the hope that we would find an open space and a decent education but came out with so much more. Both of our girls have developed; spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically, during their time at this school and had a great deal of fun doing so as well. Our youngest daughter is only 2 but is already very excited for her turn with Mrs. Kim. I along with my husband, can honestly say that sending our girls to Northside Christian Preschool was the best decision we could of possibly made for our family.”

Kristen Samaniego, mom of 3